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Order-taking Lobby

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The order-taking experience

The order receiving hall displays the latest work order information in real time, and the engineer will take the order in the way of grabbing the order.

Ticket Center

Intelligent circulation, easy to grasp the status of work orders

Real-time update of work order status, on-site positioning and punching, work traces, work orders have a beginning and an end.

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Notification Message

Overdue warning, not afraid of missing important moments

Overdue reminders can be received via WeChat to improve processing efficiency and ensure that work orders can be responded to quickly.


名遐提供各类监控解决方案,覆盖IT基础设施,云原生,K8s,docker, 日志,以及应用性能等。

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Personal Center

Data analysis, "my" situation at a glance

Intelligently analyze and count work order data related to "me" to help engineers optimize service processes and improve service quality.